Mozilla Internship: Conclusion and Retrospective

A Conclusion to My Internship

When I began this internship three months ago, neither myself nor my mentor had a clear picture of what I would produce, or how the goals of the project would change as time progressed.

The high-level goal of the internship was clear: to automate web accessibility testing. How best to do this, however, was not.

The first few weeks, as well as the weeks prior, were mostly spent on research.

I first needed to understand the problem domain, and then understand the tools available, as well as how to use them.

I had done some python programming before, but my work on this project was a side of python I had not delved into.

I had never used pytest or selenium, and knew nothing about python packaging (or accessibility, for that matter).

Prior to the start of the internship, I took a Udacity course on web accessibility, and wrote some simple tests using selenium and python.

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Mozilla Internship: Diving into Test Automation with Python

pytest python pytest-html

Test Automation with Python

The first week of my internship was spent primarily setting up my dev environment on the laptop I received.

I had also never used a Mac before, so there were some basics to learn as well.

Although, since MacOS is Unix-based now, all of the important things were pretty much the same.

(I’m worthless with a Windows command line)

Once I had everything configured, I started fiddling with python and pytest.

I’ve done some development in python, like a scrabble-esque game, but I’d never written tests in python before.


In order to automate regression testing for accessibility, we need an API of some sort.

I did some research on the available web accessibility APIs before settling on the axe-core API.

The axe-core API was created by Deque, a company that specializes in accessibility.

Deque offers assessment services, certifications, and more.

axe-core is written in JavaScript and distributed as an an npm package.

Eventually, I will create a more seamless integration of axe-core into python, by writing a python library.

DequeLabs did this with Java in their tool axe-selenium-java.

To get started, though, I will be using Selenium’s execute_script() function to handle the JavaScript directly.

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Mozilla Internship: An Introduction to Web Accessibility

Introduction to Web Accessibility


Some background: GNOME’s Outreachy internship program is targeted at underrepresented groups in tech.

A variety of open-source companies are involved.

An employee of those companies can volunteer to be a mentor, and they design an internship with a particular topic and goal.

Those who are both interested and eligible submit applications for that internship.

The goal of the internship I was selected for is to automate regression testing for web accessibility.
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